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30 Nov 2012
Unlike many of my friends and colleagues, tablets have never been all that attractive to me. When I want to read (and I want to read frequently), I use my Galaxy Nexus (because it's always available). If I want something a bit larger, I have an inexpensive (and very lightweight) ereader. If I want to watch a quick YouTube video, I'm usually in front of my computer; and if I want to watch anything longer, I've got a nice, reasonably-sized TV in my living room.

But I haven't been immune to the lure of the tablet. When I learned that Microsoft was coming out with a snazzy new tablet that would run the upcoming Windows 8 operating system (or the somewhat limited Windows RT), and offer an innovative keyboard cover to boot, I looked...

22 Aug 2012

Rumors are flying around the internet that Apple will announce the iPhone 5 on September 12, with the release date soon after that. If you want to offset the cost of your new phone by scoring the highest value possible for your old one, trade-in experts say you’ll need to lock in your trade now, before everyone else gets the same idea.

“We always get a rush of people who wait to get a quote until they have the new [iPhone] in their hands,” said Jeff Trachsel, the chief marketing officer for trade-in service NextWorth, to WPTV. “But as the volume increases, the value of your phone declines.”

Source: 1037 Lite FM